11:06 / 5 июня 2015

Фото дня

В рубрике «Фото дня» National Geographic — шедевры фотоискусства. Подборка за 31 день.


Fan Girls
Photograph by Kate Parker

Factory Setting
Photograph by Trynidada

Night Moves
Photograph by Steed Yu

Diving In
Photograph by Sarah Lee

Changeable Spring
Photograph by Tatiana Touraeva

Bridging the Gap
Photograph by Sajad Rafeeq

Peaceful Outlook
Photograph by Abdullrahman Almalki

Waterfall of the Gods
Photograph by Ed Graham

Spring Powered
Photograph by Mike Forsberg

Tale out of School
Photograph by Siddhartha Banerjee

New Bee
Photograph by Anand Varma

Piercing Faith
Photograph by Avishek Das

Eye Sight
Photograph by Martin Oeggerli

Double Trouble
Photograph by Danielle Mussman

Dome Light
Photograph by Matthew Saville

Market Talk
Photograph by Brian Hammonds

Goddess Dressing
Photograph by Stephanie Sinclair

Mother of the Forest
Photograph by Marsel van Oosten

Friendly Reflection
Photograph by Pablo Ponti

Cracking the Surface
Photograph by Alexey Trofimov

Pure Life
Photograph by Shibasish Saha

Staring at the Sun
Photograph by Clemens Capek

Kids in the Field
Photograph by Jawed Alam

Light in the Dark
Photograph by Mel Kevin Jumangit

Bird Feeders
Photograph by Abderazak Tissoukai

Model Behavior
Photograph by Justin Anantawan

The Power of Few
Photograph by Stefane Berube

What Feeds Beneath
Photograph by Alejandro Prieto

Meeting of Shadows
Photograph by Denis Buchel

Dancing With the Moon
Photograph by Andrew George

Residence Life
Photograph by Jing Wei

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